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Eva Wong

Skill Area

Education, Skills Development or Languages


4.8 (39 Rating)

Course Requirements

Financial Services and Financial Technologies

Course Description

Financial budget is one of the key elements in ensuring good personal finances. It is needed in financial planning, and failing to plan is as same as planning to fail! How well you plan out your budget will determine how well you spend your money. Budgeting can help you to avoid bad debts, save more monies and spend less. Come and register for this class NOW to understand what budgeting is all about, and how you can create your own personal finance budget to start seeing more savings in your bank.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

1) Understand the importance of budgeting in improving personal finance

2) Differentiate the types of budget

3) List the process for budgeting and outline simple budget

Course Curriculum

1 Budgeting for Better Finances
1 Hour 15 Min

Learner Feedback

Budgeting for Better Finances


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