Trainer Name

Alex Genadinik

Skill Area

Digital Technologies and Digital Transformation


4.5 (110 Rating)

Course Requirements

Access to Google Sheets.

Course Description

Learn Google Sheets in a fascinating way by doing real-world, highly-applicable projects.
As I walk you through every important feature of Google Sheets, I'll be showing you real-world examples of situations where you can use your new Google Sheets skills. This way the course will stay interesting and move along more quickly.
Our first example will be for how to manage your SEO marketing by tracking progress in a spreadsheet.
The second example will show how to analyze revenue streams and business strategies in a data-driven approach.
The third example will be on how to plan and strategize even deeper

All examples are real cases that occur in my business. They are not small examples or toy examples. These are things that a real business uses and your business will likely go through the same situations too, which will make this course extremely useful.

Course Outcomes

You will be able to:

1. Learn Google Sheets quickly
2. Use Pivot Tables
3. Use sorting and filters
4. See three practical examples as class projects

Course Curriculum

1 Google Sheets Course Welcome

2 Google Sheets Introduction

3 Google Sheets SEO

4 Freezing Row In Sheets

5 Creating Charts From Google Sheets

6 Merging Cells

7 Pivot Tables Introduction

8 Using Filters In Google Slides For Decision Making

9 Looking At A Bigger Data Set

10 Introduction To Formulas In Sheets

Learner Feedback

Collaborating Effectively With Google Sheets


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