Leadership or Organisational Development


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Course Requirements

-Executives and managers from all industry sectors
-Sales and account management professionals
-Project managers, human resources and industrial relations practitioners
-Anyone wishing to improve their communication skills in high-stakes environments

Course Description

This course is designed for those who need to effectively communicate in high-stakes environments with greater levels of presence, confidence, clarity and authenticity.
Participants are taken through the key stages involved in delivering inspiring presentations involved in delivering inspiring presentations and are given a framework, including techniques and exercises, to refocus and manage stress, anxiety and nerves.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
a) Consciously choose a mindset of confidence in high-stakes
b) Self-regulate when experiencing stress or heightened emotion
c) Switch from self-consciousness to focusing on others

d) Structure content to create clear, succinct messages
e) Use body language and vocal skills to enhance messages
f) Match a range of communication styles
g) Ask powerful questions to explore issues and interests
h) Think on your feet and adapt to uncertain circumstances

Course Curriculum

1 course welcome and introduction

2 3b how to question for unconscious values

3 3a decision making how its done

4 2b-assessing-human-behaviour

5 1a what is persuasive communication

6 week 1 outline

1 2b the matching exercise

2 2a relationships only happen with rapport

3 1 the art and science of building rapport

4 week 3 outline

1 3a making your meeting matter

2 3a structure that story

3 2b why is story telling important

4 1 information processing and recalling stories

5 week 2 outline

1 3a the questions that get real answers

2 2b the need to lead

3 2a the three questions to influence

4 1 Group influence and impression management

5 Week 4 outline

1 3a convince them quickly

2 2 stop objecting

3 1 looking for win win

4 Week 5 outline

1 3 why all the questions the reason people ask questions

2 2a the secret structure

3 1b perfect pitch preparation

4 1a pitching as a persuasion process

5 Week 6 outline

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Communicating With Impact


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