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Myya Rosales

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CEFR Level A2

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An organization’s best resource is its human resource. At its peak, a human person will deliver efficient and productive work. However, no one is invincible from the effects of too much stress, not only in the workplace, but life in general. The lack of knowledge and skills in managing stress may lead to disastrous and even catastrophic results in the life of an individual which may severely affect his or her work, to the detriment of the company’s goals and objectives.

This session will enable employees to understand how stress affects one’s capabilities and recognize the importance of stress management, especially during this time of pandemic, in order to gain work-life balance and achieve vitality and greater productivity.

Register now and be equipped with the skills you need to manage stress and reduce anxiety!

Course Outcomes

At the end of the session, participants will:

1. Identify the different kinds of stress

2. The causes and symptoms of stress

3. Recognize and distinguish various stressors, triggers, and responses

4. Understand how stress affects the different systems of a human person

5. Learn how to apply the effective stress management and stress reduction techniques

Course Curriculum

1 Coping Well During the Crisis: Managing Stress and Anxiety
Preview 1 Hour 18 Min

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Coping Well During the Crisis: Managing Stress and Anxiety


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