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Alex Genadinik


Management/Business Management and Corporate Governance


4.5 (82 Rating)

Course Requirements

This course has no prerequisites, just a desire to work from home more effectively.

Course Description

Learn to love working from home while being your most productive.

I've done that for myself and have worked from home every day for over 10 years. I love it, and I want to share it with you.

Learn how and when to use self-discipline, when to practice self-love and self-understanding so you aren't too hard on yourself, and how to deal with situations like working when family members are around.

Course Outcomes

1. Boost focus and productivity while working from home

2. Find comfort and fulfillment while working from home - enjoy the process

3. Time management, motivation, and stress management

4. Organize your work area to maximize productivity

5. Eliminate distractions

6. The benefits of this course will be lasting for the rest of your life!

Course Curriculum

1 How To Do To Do Lists Correctly

2 Video Call Prep

3 Video Call Basics

4 Phone Communication Basics

5 Introduction To Call Communication

6 Social Media Automation

7 Four Apps For Learning Fast On The Go

8 Two Time And Task Tracking Apps

9 044-TwoSiteBlockingApplications.mp4

10 Video Call Gear

11 Note Taking Apps

12 Productivity App Section Introduction

13 Four As Of Stress Management Exercise Answer Two

14 Four As Of Stress Management Exercise Answer One

15 Four As Of Stress Management Exercise

16 Stress Management Exercise Answer

17 Stress Management Exercise

18 Orgnizers And Storage

19 Work Area Organization Exercise Answer

20 Work Area Organization Exercise

21 Cleaning Breaks

22 Reversing Desk Eating Case Study

23 Eating At Your Desk

24 Whiteboard And Walls

25 More Work Environment Tips

26 Desk Organizers

27 Quick Stress Relief Tips

28 Everything Has A Place

29 Bike Desks And Standing Desks

30 Work Are A Organization Section Introduction

31 Bedroom Video Call Setup Answer

32 Bedroom Video Call Setup Exercise

33 Zoom Video Exercise Answer

34 Zoom Video Exercise

35 Setting Boundries With Family For Working From Home

36 Story From Distoevsky

37 Introduction To Motivation

38 Working From Home If You Live Alone

39 Working From Home With Kids

40 Breaks While Working From Home

41 Delegation Automation And Budgeting

42 Chunking And Pomodoro

43 Getting Family Members To Help

44 Ziegarnki Effect

45 If Managing A Team Remotely

46 How To Work From Home If You Are An Employee

47 Which Work Areas To Work In For Different Tasks

48 Getting Help

49 Self Confidence Working From Home

50 Discipline For Working At Home

51 Single Day Work From Home Schedule

52 Work From Home Productivity Welcome

53 Four Happiness Hormones

54 Sleep And Productivity

55 Sleep Research From 2019

56 Exercise

57 Calendaring Regular Tasks For Habit And Motivation

58 Checklist For Motivation With Life Work Balance

59 Case Study Of How I Get Motivation

60 Examples Of Motivation And Procrastination

61 Stress Management Section Introduction

62 Cortisol And Stress 2020

63 Business And Stress Decision Making

64 Stress Journal And Four As Of Stress Relief

65 Leading Causes Of Stress

66 Immediate Stress Relievers

67 Stress Is A Choice

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Enhancing Working From Home Habits


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