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Tariq Ahmad


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4.5 (2 Rating)

Course Requirements

Course Requirement (What software needed):

  • Microsoft Excel 2020 In your Device
  • Need to create Database/Table/Simple Data Range

Course Description

Learn everything you need to know about pivot tables in this comprehensive course. Go all the way from answering “what is a pivot table?” to building portfolio ready projects.

Enroll now to go through a deep dive of the most popular spreadsheet tool on the market, Microsoft Excel. Build your own spreadsheets from scratch, and actually understand how they work! Concise, yet comprehensive and informative.

Course Outcomes

Build Projects Including:

1) Build your first basic pivot table to start.

2) Build an expense report from start to finish.

3) Learn how to perform sales report analysis with pivot tables and get that raise.

4) Learn to slice data with powerful data slicer tools and link slicers to multiple pivot tables.

5) Connect to databases to import your data sources and format large datasets.

Course Curriculum

1 Why should you learn PivotTables

2 Introduction of the instructor

3 Course requirements (what software, experience)

4 Introduction to the course

1 What we learn in this section

2 What is a Pivot Table

3 PivotTables Basics

4 PivotTable Compliant Data Sources

5 Build a Basic PivotTable

6 Section Summary

7 Challenge

1 What will we learn in this section

2 Introduction to Formatting PivotTables

3 Build an Expense Report

4 Format the Expense Report PivotTable

5 Finalize the Expense Report PivotTable

6 Section Summary

7 Challenge

1 Complete the Sales Report Analysis

2 Section Summary

3 Challenge

4 Format the Sales Report

5 What will we learn in this section

6 What are Excel Tables

7 Sales Report Analysis with PivotTables

8 Modify Source Data

1 What will we learn in this section

2 What is Slicing Data

3 Slicing Data Project

4 Data Slicer tools

5 Link Slicers to Multiple PivotTables

6 Section Summary

7 Challenge

1 What will we learn in this section

2 Connect to Databases

3 Import Data Sources

4 Use PivotTables to Refine Data

5 Consolidate Your Data Table

6 Format Large Data Sets

7 Slicer and Timeline in Large Data Sets

8 Refresh and Drill Down from Databases

9 Section Summary

10 Challenge

11 Course Summary


Tariq Ahmad

4.5 Rating
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