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Alex Genadinik

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Education, Skills Development or Languages


4.5 (110 Rating)

Course Requirements

Please have sufficient command of the English language to follow the lectures. There is no subtitles in this course. Please be enthusiastic and try my ideas You will need some practice before you become as good as I am at finding domain names. So be prepared to practice.

Course Description

This course will make you come across as stronger entrepreneur by enabling you to find a premium looking and professional domain name for your business.

Course Outcomes

1. Discover many premium-looking .com domain names 2. Find great domain names that you can possibly resell later for profit 3. Get a .com domain name can become a winning brand 4. Learn where to sell your domains to make money 5. Get a domain name for free or as low as $1.17 6. Learn my creative strategy to hone in on brands and domains which have not been taken even though it seems that all good domain names have been taken 7. Have the good domain name benefit your business for years to come which for you means: more clients, more revenue, better brand and a more successful business

Course Curriculum

1 Domain Welcome Edited

2 How To Choose A Domain Introduction

3 How To Get Free Or Cheap Domain

4 Exact Match Domain

5 How To Choose A Domain Name

6 Startup Domains

7 How To Find Domains Example

8 Angel List Domains

9 Buying Domain From Same Company Or Diff Ones

10 Domainr

11 How to make money selling domains creating websites to sell for big profits

12 Sell Domains On Ebay

13 Strategy To Get Great Work And Prices On Upwork

14 Sido Bido

15 Long Term Domain Business Strategy

16 Selling Full Websites Instead Of Domains

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Finding the Right Web Domain For Your Business


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