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Alex Genadinik

Skill Area

Financial Services and Financial Technologies


4.5 (110 Rating)

Course Requirements

Get ready and motivated to raise funds for your business

Course Description

10+ unique and actionable ways to raise money and learn to use each strategy to get closer to your dreams.

Includes my 200-page business plan book, which is used by a number of universities.

If you are in the process of raising money for your business or wondering how to begin the fundraising process, this course will give you a wide range of fundraising strategies, help you get organized and maximize your chances of success.

This course is ideal for people who have a business idea or an early-stage business and need funding to get started or move forward.


1) Learn how to calculate how much money you need.

2) Use a combination of over 10 ways to raise that money.

Course Outcomes

1. Raise money and get one step closer to realizing your true dreams
2. Learn many different sources and strategies to raise funds
3. Waste less time trying to raise money from ineffective fundraising sources
4. Fundraising from investors, loans, grants, donations, crowdfunding, and more
5. Understand how to get business loans
6. Understand where to find business grants and which to apply to
7. Crowdfunding and how to get donations
8. Personalized fundraising advice from the instructor by asking private questions or posting discussions

Course Curriculum

1 Crazy Fundraising Strategies

2 Financials Of A Deck

3 Target Market Slide

4 Business Model Slide

5 Differentiation And Why You

6 Pitch Problem And Solution shorter

7 Pitch Deck Outline

8 Bas Investor Presentation shorter

9 What Investors Look For

10 Thirty Second Pitch

11 Pros Vs Poetry

12 Pitch Deck Section Introducion

13 NEW sharing my own first experience talking to a real investor

14 Gust another website to find investors

15 Fundraising Welcome Aug2020_March2021

16 Lead Gen As Revenue Source

17 Raising Money By Educating Or Working

18 Raising Money From Customers

19 Find That Lead Chrome Plugin For LinkedIn

20 Introduction To Find My Lead For Fundraising

21 Crowdfunding Fundraising

22 Investor Fundraising

23 Grant Fundraising

24 Loan Fundraising

25 Bootstrapping

26 Worksheet For Ongoing Business

27 New Business Fundraising Worksheet

28 How To Calculate How Much Money You Need

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Fundraising For Your Business


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