Trainer Name

Alex Genadinik

Skill Area

Scientific or Technical, Statistics or Research and Development


4.5 (110 Rating)

Course Requirements

Interest in WordPress plugins

Course Description

Start a profitable, home-based WordPress plugin business with the strategies in this course!

This WordPress plugins course will teach you how to start and grow a business making WordPress plugins. WordPress powers 20% of all websites on the Internet, which means that if you create a successful WordPress plugin, it can be a very lucrative business where you can get many customers, and make a lot of money.

This course teaches you how to tell if your WordPress plugin idea is good, how to develop the WordPress plugin, or how to cheaply hire a developer to get the plugin developed. The course teaches you about other parts of the business like how to promote your WordPress plugin and strategies for how to monetize and make money from the plugin.

Course Outcomes

1. Re-filmed to improve audio, video, and presentation quality

2. Understand how to start a business creating WordPress plugins

3. Create WordPress plugins either by intelligently hiring software developers or on your own if you can program

4. Understand how to promote your plugins

5. Make money from the plugins

6. Get cool new WordPress plugin ideas

Course Curriculum

1 WordPress Plugins Welcome

2 What Are WP Plugins And How To Get Them Made

3 How Plugins Generate Revenue

4 Working With Freelance Developers

5 Plugin Marketing

6 How To Get And Test Plugin Ideas

7 How to develop the WordPress plugin and should you develop it even if you can

8 How to provide tech support your WordPress plugin and continuously improve it

9 How and where to hire WordPress plugin developers

10 Protecting Intellectual Property Six Ways

11 Moat

12 Moat Barrier To Entry First To Market

13 2 Websites to help you find technical co-founders if you need one

14 Seth Godin Purple Cow With 3 Examples 2019

15 Eric Rise Product MVP

16 Steve Blank 2019

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How To Start A Business With WordPress Plugins


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