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Dr. Koti Reddy Bhavanam

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Management/Business Management and Corporate Governance


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Course Requirements

 There are no prerequisites for this class. It is suitable for professionals in any industry interested in optimizing their workflow using Kanban techniques.

Course Description

The "Kanban System Design" 2-hour class provides a concise yet insightful overview of Kanban principles and practices to enhance workflow efficiency and productivity. In this fast-paced session, participants will gain a foundational understanding of how Kanban can be applied to manage work effectively in various settings.

The class will cover essential concepts, including visualizing workflow, setting work in progress (WIP) limits, and embracing pull-based systems for just-in-time delivery. Participants will learn how to create a simple Kanban board and apply basic techniques to improve task management and collaboration.

This condensed class is ideal for professionals seeking a quick introduction to Kanban's core principles and immediate takeaways that can be implemented in their projects or team environments.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the 2-hour class, participants will:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of Kanban and its application in workflow management.
  • Comprehend the importance of visualizing work and tracking progress using Kanban boards.
  • Learn how to set work in progress (WIP) limits to optimize productivity and focus.
  • Discover the benefits of pull-based systems for efficient task allocation and resource utilization.
  • Gain practical insights to implement basic Kanban practices in their projects or teams.

Course Curriculum

1 Overview of Kanban and its core principles Benefits of implementing Kanban in workflow management Understanding the Kanban board and its role in visualizing work
2 Hours

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Kanban System Design


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