Trainer Name

Deepak Mundada

Skill Area

Leadership or Organisational Development


4.5 (3 Rating)

Course Requirements

No requirement

Course Description

"Are you struggling to get all the work done from your team members?

How do we allow our team members to be more accountable and efficient while having no qualities or values being compromised upon completing the tasks?

If these are some of your ongoing pain areas, you should come and join this session. You will get to learn and listen to the best practices that you can follow.

Here are the objectives that we would achieve at the end of the session:

List and practice the skills, knowledge, and attitudes/qualities required to be successful in Manager role"

Course Outcomes

At the end of the Lesson, Learners shall be able to
1) Understand their team role and work as a teammate
2) Be more accountable and efficient

Course Curriculum

1 How to be an effective manager


Trainer Name

Deepak Mundada

4.5 Rating
3 Reviews
363 Enrolment
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Learn How to Be an Effective Manager


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