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Alvin Samson

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Personal Development


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It’s a scam! You believe that delivering the required output, hitting the target sales, and getting a promotion means that you are performing at the top of your game. And then you go home tired, unsure whether what you did at work resonates with who you really are, and ready to burn out. How do we really win the games that we play in business and in life? How can we live and work at the top of our game consistently? Join our class on PEAK PERFORMANCE. Coach Alvin Samson will share with you the findings he learned in his study of Neuro-Semantics. You will learn the two main factors that define how well or how poorly you perform in whatever area. You will also receive practical input that you can immediately apply so you can seek the peak every day of your life You will also get insights on how a simple yet powerful framework can explain why some teams are peak performing while other teams are languishing. Sign up… unless you want to stay living an undeveloped life

Course Outcomes

You will be able to peak perform together with your team by using a simple yet powerful framework

Course Curriculum

1 PEAK PERFORMANCE: Winning the Game in Business and in Life
1 Hour 11 Min

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PEAK PERFORMANCE: Winning the Game in Business and in Life


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