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Course Requirements

An essential course for all employees, including management and top management.

Course Description

Sexual Harassment is an ever-present problem in the workplace; it can have serious effects on both victims and organisations. It is essential that companies and employees understand sexual harassment as defined by the Employment Act 1955.

This module provides common workplace scenarios to identify behaviours that constitute sexual harassment, explain its common misconceptions, its consequences and how sexual harassment can be prevented and addressed in the workplace.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify types of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • describe behaviours that constitute sexual harassment
  • explain the myths and consequences of sexual harassment
  • discuss ways to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

Course Curriculum

1 Types of Sexual Harassment
15 Min

This lesson defines sexual harassment according to the Employment Act 1955 and discusses two types of sexual harassment recognised under Malaysian law.

2 Forms of Behaviour
15 Min

This lesson draws a distinction between forms of behaviour that constitute sexual harassment and those that do not. You will be presented with real workplace scenarios to help you grasp the concepts taught in this lesson.

3 Myths and Consequences
15 Min

This lesson discusses common misconceptions about sexual harassment in the workplace. It also highlights the consequences of sexual harassment on victims and organisations.

4 Prevention and Complaints
15 Min

This lesson explains the essential components of a comprehensive sexual harassment policy. It also discusses complaint procedures and process according to the Employment Act 1955.

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


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