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This is a thrilling six-pack adventure for both novice and expert exercisers! Discover the “Dragon Flag,” Bruce Lee’s unique maneuver that gave him an advantage over others. Calisthenics will teach you how to advance with quick motions in both the upper and lower body. You will develop stronger muscles as a result of this exercise program.

An active workout demonstrating a variety of HIIT-based bodyweight, yoga, martial arts, and calisthenics movements that target all the body’s muscular regions. Learn how to do each exercise correctly. This is an excellent training program with plenty of conditioning, strengthening, and technical advice. You’ll discover safe and effective exercise techniques.

Unique exercises are used in this one-of-a-kind training to develop an all-around robust and muscular physique. You will get stronger both physically and psychologically as a result. Did you always desire a physique that was defined, muscular, and lean? Stop looking elsewhere! You may follow along with the teacher as he does the sets and repetitions for the six-pack exercise while he talks through the methods.

The teacher, who has more than 15 years of expertise in the fitness industry, combines various training components from many disciplines to provide an intense workout that uses both body weight and weights to help people burn fat and build muscle and strength. To challenge your level of fitness, the exercise combines the circuit, isometrics, plyometrics, calisthenics, yoga, and HIIT.

There are several routines to choose from to meet different demands, and the teacher creates a regimen just for you to evaluate your fitness. You will get very strong and develop strong abdominal muscles thanks to this unusual exercise. It is the ideal combination of unusual movements that will give you an advantage.

Course Outcomes

To strengthen your core via different arts and sports
Learn gymnastics exercises to strengthen your core.
Use calisthenics to strengthen your core.
Learn both dynamic and passive workouts to strengthen your abs.
Develop your balance and core strength by learning yoga poses.

Course Curriculum

1 Six-pack transformation- Beginner Six Pack Journey
36 Min

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Six-pack transformation- Beginner Six Pack Journey


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