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Alex Genadinik


Leadership or Organisational Development


4.5 (62 Rating)

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This course will teach you how to make money by creating and running mastermind groups of your own. If you have some expertise, and think you can teach people how to do that, you can create a mastermind group, and make money by charging the members of the mastermind for access to the group.

Course Outcomes

1. Understand how to run, promote and monetize mastermind groups
2. Understand what mastermind groups are and decide if they want to start one
3. You will be able to start and run your own successful mastermind groups
4. Know how to price your mastermind
5. Get people to join your mastermind groups
6. Learn from peers and form long-lasting business relationships

Course Curriculum

1 Why Masterminds Fail-1

2 Long term value of creating and hosting amastermind

3 Additional revenue streams for mastermind groups

4 How to get recurring revenue convert clients to more lucrative products

5 How much money can you expect to make

6 Getting affiliates to promote your mastermind groups

7 How well do introduction calls convert

8 How to get clients into your mastermind group-2

9 How to get clients into your mastermind group-1

10 Few places to post announcements of your mastermind group

11 How to Host Your Mastermind with Google Hangout

12 Why Masterminds Fail-2

13 Masterminds Welcome Video

14 What to do starting on day

15 Working with virtual assistants to increase productivity and save time

16 How to make the mastermind work with everyones schedule

17 Pricing your mastermind group

18 How many weeks should a mastermind go

19 Opening up to strangers in a mastermind vs opening up to people you know

20 How to run a single mastermind session

21 How to increase chances of student success and be a good mastermind leader

22 What is an ideal type of a person to start a mastermind group

23 How often a mastermind should meet

24 What exactly is a mastermind group

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