Skilled and humorous Freelance Trainer has provided training to workers at construction site and business locations as an employed professional for several years. Has exceptional presentation and training program design abilities. Has a Executive Master in Safety Health & Environment and a strong understanding of incorporating humor and media into training to make it more engaging and meaningful.

Exceptional presentation skills
Good organizational and time-management abilities
Top-notch sense of humor and loves helping people
Has terrific interpersonal skills and an engaging personality
Understands how to identify training needs
Designs great training programs and effectively delivers them
Good understanding with all types of media including PowerPoint video and music used to help bring home the desired training message
Understands how to grab attention so people retain more information

Work Experience
Freelance Trainer for more than 8 years
Conducted CIDB Green card training for construction workers and businesses both at their workplaces and at industry conferences and meetings.
Designed presentations and incorporated media and humor to engage participants.
Tapped specialized presenters for highly technical subjects.
Traveled extensively throughout Malaysia to conduct trainings across construction industries.
Designed terrific training based on client requests for subject matter areas.
Relied on effective training principles.

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