Noraminah Omar, is a Business Advisor and Coach.
She is currently managing Life Tract Learning Resources providing services to business owners and SMEs through business advisory, coaching, mentoring and training.

2007-2013 she was managing a company, leading 5 preschools with total up to 3500 children and families. In 2014, she was in charged in designing and implementing the system in human resource and people development at ABS Holdings Sdn Bhd and was responsible for designing the Early Childhood Centre using the concept of “open partnership”.

She was the Honorary Secretary for WENA (Persatuan Jaringan Usahawan Wanita) for term 2012-2014 and an active member of Private Education Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PEEAM). She is also a member of Toastmasters Club Kajang.

She has completed the program of CEO@University by SMECorp in 2013. She holds a degree in CAD/CAM Engineering from the University of Malaya. She has self-published 5 series of children’s picture books, which was launched in Singapore in 2014 and more than 10 titles of e-books in recent years at

She was involved as one of the main facilitators in “Education in Business in Diversified Culture: A Lean Start-Up” 28 April – 2 May 2014 organised by NAM Institute for the Empowerment of Women. Her areas of consultation includes business planning and formation, creating and implementing standard operating procedures (SOP) and general business management for local business start up and SMEs.

It has become her aspiration to further growing self and others in life as well as the business journey since then. Through her blog at , she found people who seek her advise from time to time.

Supporting the shared prosperity vision has become a significant goal, which she believes comes from changes in people of the community through system development and enhancement.

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