Sabrina Melisa Aripen is a gender equality advocate. She began her journey in gender issues in 2010, when she organized a campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence. Since then, she has worked with several women’s rights organizations, advocating for the rights of women and children.

In 2016, Sabrina founded the Society for Equality, Respect and Trust for All (SERATA), a non-profit organisation based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Inspired by her Fellowship experience in the US, Sabrina adjusted the mission of SERATA to focus on dismantling long-held socially constructed gender roles and promote gender equality by engaging men and boys to be part of the solution. One of the campaigns she works on is highlighting the need for both men and women to share the load at home, especially in caregiving. She has written several articles championing the role of fathers in families, linking this to increasing the women representation in the workforce and beyond.

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