Veloo Doraisamy is a caring leader with more than 45 years of worke xperience, hands on Tool Maker to Multi National Corporation (MNC) Plant Director. Possess extensive experience in Product Development, High End Manufacturing Operations and Automated Tool Manufacturing Operations using Linear Robot, Automation, Standardization Simplification and automation to create flow. Also had Global Experience by leading South East Asia Teams to improve processes, bench marking and process
Veloo Doraisamy is recognized as the Icon of automated tool manufacturing and process improvement where he uses all the problem solving tools such as TPM (Toyota Production System, 5S, TPM, DFMEA (Six Sigma), TRIZ, TOC (Theory of Constraints) A3 and etc. to resolve day to day problems and chronic problems. TPM is one of the major tool used to create the factory of the future in tool making and also well support Industry Revolution 4.0. He has a strong balance of technical credibility and experience to drive progress on sustainability strategies and challenges that manufacturing organizations currently encounter.
He is an hands on applicator and trainer on problem solving methodologies and problem solving tool application. Possess demonstrated abilities to create and communicate innovative strategies across the supply
chains of globally recognized brand. Persuasive advocate and collaborative partner focused on aligning policy initiatives with business objectives in order, to maximize benefit to the enterprise and its stake holders. Prior to this assignment Veloo Doraisamy was attached to Mattel Inc. in various roles including Engineering Director in the Manufacturing Plant and 22 years of service as Director and has been a Plant Director for last 8 years. He has implemented New Product Development and New Tool Build using 100% digital environment and TPM.
As a, number one selling brand and number one toy company in the world. He led the development and Tooling Plant to deliver new product and tools to south east Asian plant with competitive cost, shortest lead time and quality expectation successfully for many years. He has also collaborated with functional leaders and stake holders in South East Asia in his capacity as Plant Tooling Partnership initiative to promote collineation and sharing of best practices.

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