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Management/Business Management and Corporate Governance


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Course Requirements

This course is designed for team leaders, project managers and those who have to manage schedules, tasks and resources in their respective organisations.

Course Description

Agile methodology is being widely adopted by project managers. This iterative approach promotes collaboration and human interaction to help employees work more efficiently and to be responsive to change. 

In this e-module, you will explore key concepts, tools, techniques and applications of Agile project management. Agile grew from the minds of a group of software development project managers. Since then, it has continued to be popular in software development, but has expanded to many other industries as well. These include finance, IT, business, fashion, biotechnology, and even construction - among many others.

At the end of this module, you will be able to discuss the concepts of Agile and gain a solid introduction to Agile project management.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • identify the Agile approach in project management
  • explain Agile values, principles and frameworks
  • recognise the Scrum process framework; and 
  • identify success indicators in an Agile roll-out

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction to Agile
15 Min

This lesson explains the Agile approach and how it is different from the traditional management approach.

2 Agile Values, Principles and Frameworks
15 Min

This lesson introduces you to Agile values, principles and frameworks and explains the approaches an organisation may adopt to scale Agile ways of working.

3 Agile in Practice
20 Min

This lesson discusses the fundamentals of Scrum, elements of Scrum and the definition of user stories.

4 Measuring Success
10 Min

This lesson discusses how to measure success in an Agile roll-out.

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Agile Project Management and Scrum Basics


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