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Kimberly Anne

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Up your skillset in make-up application today by taking it up a notch with this very special On-Live session to learn and discuss more on make-up application, methods, and techniques used by expert makeup artists on this short session and be able to interact with our coach! Learn pro techniques and methods to use in your daily makeup or secrets to using it in your client's appointment! 


In this session, I will be sharing with you on

1. What are the most common mistakes done?

2. How do I color correct blemishes? 

3. Am I a ‘Warm tone’ or ‘Cool Tone’? 

Join us and discover how to improve and empower you with better knowledge, understanding, and skill set training into having expert knowledge and insights!

Course Outcomes

At the end of the session, you will be able to:

1. Identify the correct skin base setting in order.

2. Pick the right shade in foundation and concealer.

3. Color correct under-eye, dark spots, and any imperfection with the proper understanding and knowledge.

4. Perform a basic full-face makeup routine using proper techniques and knowledge. 

Course Curriculum

1 Beginner Make Up Technique & Application Method
1 Hour 4 Min


Trainer Name

Kimberly Anne

4.8 Rating
4 Reviews

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Beginner Make Up Technique & Application Method


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