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Alvin Samson


Leadership or Organisational Development


4.7 (7 Rating)

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Course Description

"Did you know that coaching is the leadership style that has the biggest impact on your employees’ long-term development? Did you also know that coaching is the least used leadership style?

It’s interesting that many managers are not using the coaching leadership style. They are probably not aware of how much time and energy they are spending in raising their voices just to get the job done.

Join our class on COACHING LEADERSHIP. Coach Alvin Samson of the Philippines will lead you into a quick survey of the six classic leadership styles. Check out which style you may be using more that contributes to your own lack of effectiveness as a team leader or manager.

In this class, we will consider why managers ought to consider coaching as part of their role and its huge impact on the various business imperatives that they face at work. You will also learn why giving advice and trying to change the other person is very unproductive."

Course Outcomes

At the end of the lesson, Learners will be able to
1)improve on their employee performance and productivity.
2)Understand how to increase employee job satisfaction and self-esteem.
3)Contributes effectively to the team and organization.

Course Curriculum

1 COACHING LEADERSHIP: Increase Your Impact as a People Manager

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COACHING LEADERSHIP: Increase Your Impact as a People Manager


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