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Jeffrey Loewenstein


Leadership or Organisational Development


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Course Description

In this foundational course, you will learn about the “head and heart” of everyday leadership by exploring dynamics of individual and group decision making and the challenges of managing motivation. Central to the course is forming a nuanced understanding of why and how leadership skills are critical to an organization’s success.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
- Articulate why and how leadership skills are so critical to organizational success
- Use leadership skills to work more effectively with others and organize teams to work more effectively together
- Apply the foundations of effective leadership skills to everyday situations

Course Curriculum

1 Welcome to foundations of everyday leadership

2 Learn on your terms

3 Meet your instructor: Professor Elizabeth A. Luckman

4 Meet your instructor: Professor Denis Lewin Loyd

1 Like this course learn more with the imba optional

2 Module 1 Case Study Activity - Debrief video

3 Leading in a virtual world

4 The levers of everyday leadership

5 The tasks of everyday leadership

6 The challenge of everyday leadership

7 Introduction of Module 1

1 Module 2 Case Study Activity - Debrief video

2 Fostering creativity in decision making

3 Subjectivity and anchoring

4 Decision analysis

5 Module 2 Introduction

1 Module 3 Case Study Activity - Debrief video

2 Diversity as a resource

3 The influence problem

4 The participation problem

5 The composition problem

6 Module 3 Introduction

1 Gies online programs

2 Module 4 Case Study Activity - Debrief video

3 The promise of groups realized

4 Managing perceptions social dilemmas

5 The law of effect and expectancy theory

6 Module 4 Introduction

1 Raj iMBA Overview access to education Source

2 Dana Interactions Source

3 Dana Impressed Source

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