Trainer Name

Alex Genadinik

Skill Area

Financial Services and Financial Technologies


4.6 (408 Rating)

Course Requirements

The desire and motivation to make money online

Course Description

22 online business ideas that are great passive income online business you can do from that are a lifestyle business

Course Outcomes

  1. 22 unique ways to make money online
  2. Start making money the same day as you take the course!
  3. Repackage content to make money on multiple platforms
  4. Make money with the Kindle and by creating books
  5. Make money by taking polls and surveys
  6. Make money even by walking pets or pet sitting
  7. Make money with video on Udemy and YouTube
  8. Get one on one help from the instructor if you have specific questions
  9. Make money freelancing

Course Curriculum

1 22 Online Business Ideas

2 Dog Walking

3 Concierge Services

4 Choosing A Good Cover Image For Our Presentation

5 Fiverr Basics

6 How to make money by renting out your car

7 Micro Loans 2020

8 Polls 2020

9 Affiliate Marketing Overview

10 Good Part Of Affiliate Marketing 2020

11 Overview Of Amazon/Clickbank/Jvzoo

12 Book Selling Introduction

13 Blogging That Turns Into A Book

14 Thin Content Book Ideas

15 Examples Of Low Content Books

16 PLR E-books

17 Resell Public Domain Books

18 Courses Overview

19 Course Licensing

20 Selling Physical Products In Brick And Mortar Stores

21 Ecommerce Overview

22 Community Events

23 Cafe Press For Basic Product Creation

24 Flippa Overview

25 How To Choose A Domain Introduction

26 Blog Overview

27 Print On Demand Full Overview

28 Software Based Products

29 Mindset To Develop An Eye For Future Businesses

30 First few spam sites

31 Second set of spammy websites examined

32 Third set of spammy websites examined

33 4th set of spammy website examined

34 What To Do To Set Up Your Site Nicer Shorter May 2021

35 How To Choose A Domain Introduction Nicer Shorter April 2021

36 Crazy Fundraising Strategies

37 Social Media Contests Niche

38 Content Repurposing For Books And Video

39 Creating Your Book Without Writing

40 Introduction To The Influencer Business

41 Online Ideas Sales Video 2020

42 Passive And Semi Passive Income

Learner Feedback

Generating Income Online


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