Trainer Name

Alice Cooper

Skill Area

Digital Technologies and Digital Transformation


4.3 (11 Rating)

Course Requirements

No programming experience needed 
A Mac or PC computer with access to the internet

Course Description

Enroll now and deep dive into the most popular spreadsheet tool on the market, Microsoft Excel. Build your own spreadsheets from scratch, and actually understand how they work! Concise, yet comprehensive and informative.

Course Outcomes

By completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Run Openpyxl on the web, which means no software installation required.
2. Apply simple sheet manipulating tasks with Openpyxl, including making your first workbook automatically.
3. Work with tables to automate your worksheets.
4. Format cells with Python.
5. Build 2D charts with Python and data.
6. Build an employee timelog project to put in your portfolio.
7. Scrape the web and save it to an Excel file. 

Course Curriculum

1 Course Overview

2 Run Openpyxl on the Web

1 Make a Workbook

2 Merge and Unmerge Cells

3 Save a Workbook

4 Read a Workbook

5 Work with Rows and Columns

6 Use a Formula

7 Use Dates

8 Fold a Range

9 Read All Workbook Data

10 Make a New Sheet

11 Copy Data to a Sheet

12 Remove a Sheet

1 Build a Table

2 Style a Table

1 Import Dataset

2 Style a Cell

3 Make a Named Style

4 Copy a Style

1 Make a Chart

2 Build Line Charts

3 Build a Pie Chart

4 Build an Area Chart

5 Build a Scatter Chart

1 Project Setup

2 Expand Columns to Fit Content

3 Add Dates

4 Add Days of the Week

1 Store Spreadsheet Data

2 Read Spreadsheet Data

3 Write to a Text File

1 Set Up Update Information

2 Update the Spreadsheet

1 Build a Stock Chart

2 Build a Doughnut Chart

3 Build a Bubble Chart

1 Clean Data

2 Import Web Driver

3 Scrape a Web Page

4 Parse Page Data

5 Put Data into Excel Sheet

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Introducing Python Excel


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