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Dr. Wendy Tee

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Quality Management and Productivity


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Course Description

Equipping the company’s HR personnel with the necessary legal knowledge and procedures needed to manage employee discipline effectively in the diverse workplace environment of Malaysia.

Course Outcomes

Discipline is a critical aspect of maintaining a productive and positive workplace culture. However, managing employee discipline can be a complex and challenging task, particularly in the diverse and dynamic workplace environment of Malaysia. This course will provide employers with the legal framework, strategies, and best practices for effectively managing discipline in the workplace.

The course will also cover the legal implications of disciplinary action, including the potential for legal claims and penalties. Participants will gain practical skills for documenting employee performance issues and managing the disciplinary process while minimizing legal risk.

After completing this online course, participants will be able to understand and know the following:

Discipline at the workplace

Disciplinary action for misconduct

Procedure prior to a dismissal for misconduct

Holding a domestic inquiry

Dismissal for unsatisfactory performance

Frustration of contract

Ending of a fixed-term contract

Course Curriculum

1 Course Introduction
Preview 7 Min

1 Disciplinary Action and Employment Act 1955
13 Min

1 Disciplinary Action for Misconduct
9 Min

1 General Guidelines on Taking Disciplinary Actions
7 Min

1 Domestic Inquiry
11 Min

1 Dismissal for Unsatisfactory Performance
2 Min

1 Frustration of Contract
3 Min

1 Ending of a Fixed-term Contract
3 Min

1 Recap and End
4 Min

Learner Feedback

Managing Discipline in the Workplace: Best Practices for Employers in Malaysia


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