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Hah Chee Khean


Leadership or Organisational Development


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Course Description

Leaders that can make things happen have a strong ability to strategize and execute. These leaders quickly earn respect from their peers and team because they can turn ideas into strategies and then into actions that ultimately create the desire outcomes for their company and organization. They are great at creating pragmatic strategies that help people see what the outcomes are and how to effectively reach the goals. When people know you have the ability to make things happen, you will quickly establish the credibility and trust as someone to count on to make things happen.

In this session, I will be sharing with you how to:
Decide on the right goal and objective
Create Effective Strategies & Control Create Effective Execution for Success
Instil Time Management Habits and Rituals 

Course Outcomes

1. Set the right goals and objectives for the intended outcome.
2. Create the desired outcome through effective strategies and executions.

Course Curriculum

1 Outcome Focused Strategies & Execution
1 Hour 15 Min

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Outcome Focused Strategies & Execution


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