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Andrew Au Soon Kay

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Personal Development


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Course Description

This course is all about helping you to be in control of your stress and emotions through understanding the psychology behind and learning evidence-based strategies from the new science of positivity. It includes a stress assessment, introduction to fascial fitness, understanding the psychology and how humans respond and cope with stress, managing current and future stress and anxieties, managing emotions, tools for calmness and mindset booster. This course is a full 2-day training course condensed into an applied and knowledge packed e-learning.

Course Outcomes

  • Participants will understand the underlying workings of stress and their grip on the human mind.
  • Participants will be equipped with tools for responding to current and future stress.
  • Participants will be able to begin on a journey of resilience toward facing stress in the future.

Course Curriculum

1 Course Content
Preview 3 Min

This is an overview of the whole course content.

2 Pre-Course Activity
5 Min

This is a simple game of YES or NO to stress.

3 Fascial Fitness and Stress
13 Min

This lesson introduces you to body alignment and posture and how these can help you live a stress 'relieved' life. You will be more attuned to your body after this - guaranteed!

4 The Psychology of Stress
21 Min

This lesson shares some main findings of psychology about stress and uncovers some myths surrounding it. You will also be introduced to ONE (1) widely used model for managing task-related stress and ONE (1) less heard of model (but founded by a pioneering positive psychologist) to improve your skills on handling stress.

5 Stress Analysis, Response, and Coping
7 Min

This lesson shows you how humans analyse and respond to stress in general and how responding and coping positively is a decision that you can make in the face of stress and challenges.

6 Stress Assessment
8 Min

Do you want to find out how stressed out you are? Here is a widely used assessment shared for your benefit and can be completed again at any time.

1 SCARF Model
25 Min

When dealing with past or current stress, the SCARF Model is one of the best. Find out how to use this for yourself in this lesson.

1 Worry and Anxiety
24 Min

Worry and anxiety are crucial symptoms that we are stressed about something yet to happen. This lesson will share with you how that looks like and what you can do to be more in control.

2 WC-BC-ML Intervention
20 Min

Follow and practise the WC-BC-ML intervention for managing your future stress triggering events. You will look at worst-case-scenarios different from now on - guaranteed!

1 Understanding Emotions
24 Min

Before learning better ways to manage your emotions, you will learn in this lesson about what goes on in your brain when you are emotional. Knowing this will give you the correct perspective that you can use to deal with it.

2 Quick Tools for Calmness
21 Min

In this lesson, you will be taught how to breathe and use it to excite or calm yourself together with a FOUR (4) step calming technique.

3 Meditation Techniques
28 Min

Here are TWO (2) simple meditation practices that require more time to do than the previous lesson on tools for calmness but have effects on your long-term calmness.

1 Mindset Practice 101
13 Min

This is a bonus lesson focused on the growth mindset, which is specially created for helping you not just manage your stress and emotions more effectively but also improve your life in general.

1. Perceive Stress Scale
2. SCARF (English)
3. WC-BC-ML (English)

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Stress and Emotional Management with Positive Psychology


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