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Liz Cartwright


Management/Business Management and Corporate Governance


4.8 (2 Rating)

Course Requirements

To gain the most relevant knowledge from these courses, learners should have taken a basic accounting course prior to this Specialization

Course Description

This Specialization focuses on accounting concepts, principles and theory with an emphasis on problems that arise in applying these concepts for external reporting purposes. Specific emphasis is placed on measurement of assets, liabilities, equities and income, as well as disclosure of additional information that may assist users understand the financial reports.

Course Curriculum

1 Module 1 Wrap Up

2 Module 1 Introduction

3 What Is The Key Focus Of Financial Accounting

4 Cash Vs Accrual Accounting

5 Gaap Vs Ifrs And Convergence

6 Accounting Standards And Gaap Assumptions

7 Fasb Interview With Brian Mckeown

8 Module 1 Wrap Up

1 Module 2 Introduction

2 Using The Accounting Equation During The Processing Cycle

3 Adjusting Entries

4 Financial Statements

5 Module 2 Wrap Up

1 Module 7 Wrap-up

2 Module 7 - Introduction

3 Accounting for long term contracts

4 Accounting for losses on long term contracts

5 Installment sales method

6 Profitability analysis using financial ratios

1 Financial Disclosures

2 Risk And Ratio Analysis

3 Operating Segments And Other Disclosures

4 Module 3 Wrap Up

5 Simplified Personal Balance Sheet Example

6 Financial Disclosures

7 Module 3 Introduction

8 Usefulness Limitations And Classifications Of The Balance Sheet

1 Learn On Your Terms

1 Module 4 Introduction

2 Discontinued Operations And Earnings Per Share

3 Accounting Changes

4 Module 4 Wrap Up

1 Time Value Of Money

2 Module 5 Introduction

3 Ethics Professionalism And Fraud

4 He R Ceo Interview With Bill Simpson

5 Module 5 Wrap Up

1 Introduction

2 Revenue recognition issues including the five key steps

3 Dealing with multiple performance obligations pos

4 Special revenue recognition issues

5 Module 6 wrap up

Learner Feedback

The Role of Accounting as an Information System


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