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Eva Wong

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Financial Services and Financial Technologies


4.8 (46 Rating)

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No requirement

Course Description

Are you working too hard just to get more money?
Does financial freedom seem impossible to achieve for you?

🤔 Wondering why some grow their wealth faster than the others❓

🤔 Wondering how you can have more money easily❓

🤔 Wondering how you can build your wealth while working for others❓
Failing to plan well for your $$$ is planning to fail in your life.
Most of us want to achieve financial freedom faster. However, statistics show that 53% of Malaysians are ill-prepared for financial setbacks. 20% of Malaysians save less than 10% of their salaries. The reality check shows that financial freedom is more like a dream than a goal for most Malaysians.
Hence, right financial knowledge and correct implementation are the keys to financial success. Without these, financial freedom remains a dream for most people.
On this date, Eva Wong will guide you through 3 must-knows to help you get on the right track to financial freedom.
Eva Wong is a licensed financial planner, holder of Capital Market Security Representative License and Financial Adviser Representative License issued by Security Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia. She is an active investor who has a diverse investment portfolio in share, unit trust and property markets.
Grab a chance to learn from Eva! Understand how to retire rich before 40. Do it right or don't bother at all.🎯

Course Outcomes

At the end of the lesson, learners shall be able to:
1) Learn how to manage their Financial difficulties
2) Gain Financial Stability

Course Curriculum

1 3 Must-knows to achieve financial freedom

Learner Feedback

3 Must-knows to achieve financial freedom


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