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Eva Wong

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Financial Services and Financial Technologies


4.8 (46 Rating)

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No requirement

Course Description

"Rich people have certain habits which help them to excel in their wealth creation journey.

What do the rich do which differentiate them from the poor and middle class?

🤔 Wondering how you can transform your wealth through simple habits❓

🤔 Wondering what you can do daily to improve your wealth❓

🤔 Wondering why it is so hard to move ahead financially❓

Eva Wong will reveal the simple and easy habits to be adopted to improve one's wealth condition. With these habits, one will no longer struggle financially and get out from the insecurity feeling during any crisis.

Eva Wong is a licensed financial planner, holder of Capital Market Security Representative License and Financial Adviser Representative License issued by Security Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia. She is an active investor who has a diverse investment portfolio in shares, unit trusts and property markets."

Course Outcomes

At the end of the lesson, Learners shall be able to
have an understanding on building multiple streams of income and develop a wealth oriented mindset

Course Curriculum

1 5 Habits You Should Build to Transform Your Wealth

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5 Habits You Should Build to Transform Your Wealth


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