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Alex Genadinik


Marketing and Innovation


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Course Description

Use a free and extremely simple design tool called Canva to create branded and beautiful YouTube thumbnail images within minutes.

Canva works with any computer - there is no download required.

This course is a complete walkthrough. I'll show you step by step how I design my YouTube thumbnail images. You can replicate exactly what I do and never have to hire a freelancer again.


The thumbnail image is often the first thing people see when they choose a video to watch. If your YouTube thumbnail image pops out more than the images of other videos, your videos will immediately get more views and with more views, you will grow on YouTube because YouTube will begin favoring your video in YouTube SEO and the YouTube recommendation algorithm.

Course Outcomes

1.Design YouTube thumbnails that grab attention

2.Channel branding with thumbnail images

3.Get more views on YouTube

4.Use Canva for free and easy YouTube thumbnail image design

5.Save money by not having to hire a freelancer

6.Create beautiful YouTube thumbnails in minutes by yourself, even if you are not a designer

Course Curriculum

1 YouTube Thumbnail Welcome

2 YouTube Thumbnail Dimensions

3 Canva Introduction 2020

4 Even Carmichael Thumbnail Example

5 Mobile Testing For Youtube

6 YouTube Policy With Images

7 YouTube Thumbnail Fonts

8 How To Create Image Memes

9 How To Start Finding Funny Memes

10 Where To Get Free Graphics

11 YouTube Banner With Canva

12 Many Thumbnail Examples

13 Color Wheel

14 Using Arrows To Get More Attention

15 YouTube Thumbnail With Okudzhava With Images And Text

16 YouTube Thumbnail Using Okudzhava Branding

17 Starting To Create A YouTube Thumbnail In Canva

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Channel Branding With YouTube Thumbnail


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