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Vibhav Gupta

Skill Area

Management/Business Management and Corporate Governance


4.7 (43 Rating)

Course Requirements

  • Basic understanding of data protection concepts and regulations
  • Familiarity with information security principles and practices
  • Knowledge of privacy frameworks and compliance requirements

Course Description

The "Data Privacy and Privacy by Design" course is a 90-minute session that provides participants with an overview of data privacy principles and the concept of privacy by design. The course aims to equip participants with essential knowledge and practical insights into incorporating privacy considerations into their work and promoting responsible data handling practices.

During the course, participants will explore key topics such as data privacy regulations, privacy by design principles, privacy impact assessments, and privacy-enhancing technologies. Through interactive discussions and real-world examples, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting personal data and the ethical implications of data privacy.

The course will also cover practical strategies for implementing privacy by design, including the integration of privacy controls into systems, products, and processes. Participants will learn how to conduct privacy impact assessments and apply data anonymization techniques to safeguard personal information.

By the end of the course, participants will have a solid foundation in data privacy and privacy by design, enabling them to contribute to privacy-conscious practices in their organizations and make informed decisions when handling personal data.

Course Outcomes

Upon completing the 90-minute course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of data privacy and privacy by design.
  • Recognize the importance of protecting personal data and the impact of privacy breaches.
  • Apply privacy by design principles to their work and projects.
  • Conduct privacy impact assessments to identify and mitigate privacy risks.
  • Implement privacy controls and technologies to enhance data privacy.
  • Utilize data anonymization techniques to protect personal information.
  • Navigate data privacy regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Foster an ethical approach to data privacy and responsible data handling.
  • Promote privacy-conscious practices within their organizations.
  • Make informed decisions regarding data privacy and promote a privacy-centric mindset.

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction to Data Privacy, Privacy by Design Principles, Privacy Impact Assessments, Privacy-Enhancing Technologies, Data Anonymization Techniques, Ethical Considerations in Data Privacy,
1 Hour 30 Min

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Data Privacy and Privacy by Design


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