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Alex Genadinik

Skill Area

Management/Business Management and Corporate Governance


4.5 (110 Rating)

Course Requirements

Extrepreneurs excited to start a business, be your own boss, and make your dreams come true

Course Description

se this course as your A-Z, step-by-step roadmap to turn a business idea into a profitable business. Achieve freedom and independence that comes from being your own boss. Includes my 200-page business plan book which is used by a number of universities. Even if you are an absolute beginner, this course will guide you to successfully plan and start your business. ARE YOU BUILDING YOUR FIRST BUSINESS AND FEEL LOST AND UNSURE OF WHAT STEPS TO TAKE? YOU ARE NOT ALONE... Millions of first-time entrepreneurs feel that way, and that's exactly how I felt when I started my first business 20 years ago. I've felt the stress you are feeling, and I've been through the hardships you are facing. The great news is that I'll walk you through every step of starting your business from selecting the best business idea, to business planning, registering your business, raising money, and starting your business with correct fundamentals to give your business the best chance to succeed.

Course Outcomes

A-Z roadmap of steps to start a business, gain independence and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss!
Gain confidence and become decisive about the ideal way to proceed with your business
Expert help and advice from the instructor in 1-to-1 office hours calls and course discussions. 99% of questions are answered within 24 hours.
Discover more than 10 practical ways to raise funds for your business
Alleviate the stress you are experiencing from struggling in business
Identify highly profitable business niches, develop new business ideas, and continuously improve them to increase your profits
Write a business plan with winning strategies that prepare your business for growth
Avoid costly mistakes made by most first-time entrepreneurs, and save precious time and money
Learn when and how to protect your intellectual property
Increase your confidence and decisiveness when making crucial business decisions

Course Curriculum

1 Start Business Course Welcme New Camera With Music 2020

2 Feedback Introduction 2020

3 Entrepreneurship Mindset

4 Five Types Of Business Risk Nicer Shorter May 2021

5 How To Get World Class Experts To Help You

6 Social Media Contests Case Study march 2021 Shorter April 2021

7 Testing The Business Quickly

8 Three Types Of Business Ideas Nicer Shorter May 2021

9 Top Five Entrepreneur Mistakes

10 Example Of Starting A Books tore Business

11 Agency Business In Four Ways

12 Too Many Business Ideas

13 Additional Thoughts On Starting A Book store

14 Practical Example Of Online Business

15 Thinking Through Starting A Business From Scratch

16 Business And Brain

17 Building Habit Emotional Intelligence Intro 2020

18 Marshmellow Test

19 50 Prod Skills 2020

20 Five Productvity Tips For Entrepreneurs

21 Jeff Bezos Thinking

22 Should You Follow Your Passion

23 Abundance Mindset

24 Protect ingIntellectual Property Six Ways

25 Moat

26 Moat Barrier To Entry First To Market

27 Trade mark Decision Of Wave If You Like

28 Business Plan Section Introduction

29 What Is A Business Plan Model And CommonIssues

30 Business Plan Length

31 Executive Summary Introduction 2020

32 Product Section Of Business Plan 2020

33 Business Plan Product Section Mistakes

34 Progress Section Of Businsess Plan Shorter July 2021

35 Identify Taget Market And Calculate It Nicer Shorter July 2021

36 Example Of Target Market And Size Shorter July 2021

37 Marketing Plan In Business Plan 2 Nicer Shorter July 2021

38 Business Plan Competition Section Nicer Shorter July 2021

39 Revenue Options

40 LTV and Pricing Nicer Shorter June 2021

41 Founding Team Section Of Business Plan Nicer Shorter July 2021

42 Unit Economics Introduction

43 Finiancials Start Cash Flow 75 Percent Luder Shorter July 2021

44 SWOT Analysis

45 Profit Finance Terms Shorter Nicer Aug 2021

46 SWOT Example

47 Profit Margin Introduction Nicer Shorter Aug 2021

48 Example Calculation Of Profit Margins Shorter Aug 2021

49 Balance Sheet Introduction

50 Marketing Plan Introduction For Business Plan

51 Ecommerce Example For Marketing Plan

52 Local Example For Marketing Plan

53 Agency Marketing Plan

54 Influencer Or Coaching Plan

55 On Platform Marketing

56 Marketing Plan For AnInnovative Company

57 B2B Markting Plan

58 Fundraising Section Introduction

59 How To Calculate How Much Money You Need

60 New Business Fundraising Work sheet

61 Worksheet For Ongoing Business

62 Fundraising Sources Worksheet

63 Bootstrapping

64 Loan Fundraising

65 Grant Fundraising

66 Investor Fundraising

67 Crowdfunding Fundraising

68 Raising Money From Customers

69 Raising Money By Educating Or Working

70 Business Formation Section Introduction

71 LLCVs Corporations

72 Business Bank Account 2020

73 What Is A Nonprofit

74 Three Ways To Launch

75 How To Choose A Domain Introduction

76 How To Choose A Good Business

77 What To Do To Set Up Your Site

78 Business System

79 How To Choose A Domain Introduction

80 Technical Ideas For Non Technical Founders

81 Nightmares From Outsourcing

82 My Journey Case Study 1

83 Book Section Introduction

84 New Napoleon Hill Lecture

85 My Case Study Problem io Apps

86 My Case Study Success Phase

87 Reached Middle Of The Course

88 Productivity App Section Introduction

89 Note Taking Apps

90 E Myth Revisited

91 How To Do To Do Lists Correctly

92 Two Time And Task Tracking Apps

93 Malcolm Gladwell

94 Trello Sign Up

95 Epiphany

96 Creating New Trello Boards And Inviting People

97 Lean Startup Eric Ries

98 Working With To Do Lists In Trello And Making Tasks Manageable

99 Trello Starting To Work With A Team

100 Getting Business Idea Section Introduction

101 Business Idea Worksheet

102 Business Idea Goals

103 Combining Industry And Goal

104 Industry Goals And Demos

105 Thirty Second Pitch

106 18 Item Idea Checklist

107 Business Idea Generation Exercise For Combining Traditional And New Twists

108 Idea Generation Results

109 Coming Up With Physical Product Ideas

110 My Idea Crowdfunding Business Idea Mistake

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Entrepreneurship 101


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