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Alex Genadinik


Education, Skills Development or Languages


4.5 (82 Rating)

Course Requirements

Desire and inspiration to boost your intelligence in a variety of ways that benefit you for the rest of your life

Course Description

Original course to improve many facets of your intelligence and make you immediately smarter and wiser - yes it works!
You will learn:
Emotional intelligence
Connection of memory and intelligence
How to be more creative
How to be more worldly
IQ and whether you can raise it
How to keep your brain healthy
The 7-intelligences theory
Logical fallacies
By the end of this course, you will have a fantastic view of what it takes a person to be smarter. You will be able to fill in the blanks within your own intelligence, and take the necessary steps to become a wiser individual.
Sign up for this unique course, and improve the quality of your life by making yourself more intelligent.

Course Outcomes

Raise your emotional intelligence
Become wiser and have a richer inner life
Learn logic and understand how to use philosophy
Get a combination of tactics to get smarter and get ahead at work and in society
Manage emotionally difficult work and social situations more effectively
Handle stress better with emotional intelligence
Have better days emotionally
Manage your emotional states, be happier, have more positive and less negative emotional states

Course Curriculum

1 What Day Is Today Exercise

2 Wisdom

3 Memory And Intelligence

4 Philosophy Crashcourse

5 Brain Health Basics

6 Diet For Brain

7 How To Stay Sharp

8 Brain On Stress

9 Old Item new Uses Exercise

10 How To Be More Worldly

11 Focus Introduction

12 How To Get Into State Of Flow

13 Seven Intelligences Theory

14 Introduction To Creativity

15 Other Sources Of Creativity

16 Nine Dot Puzzle

17 Argument Fallacies Continued

18 Unique Use For AnItem

19 Expertise And Creativity

20 Brain Hack For Creativity UsingIdle Time.mp4

21 Creativity Exercise How Are You

22 Introduction To Decision Making.mp4

23 Creativity Exercise How Are You Answer

24 Time Management Matrix Dr Covey 7 Habits.mp4

25 Intelligent People Perform Poorly Under Pressure

26 Biology Of Decision Making.mp4

27 Listening Mistakes

28 Active Listening 2020

29 Brain Training Games.mp4

30 Listening To Feedback

31 Note Taking.mp4

32 Checklist Of Common Emotions

33 Introduction To IQ

34 Mensa

35 Free IQ Test And How To Take It

36 Limitations Of IQ

37 Introduction To Emotional Intelligence

38 Five Step Formula For Controlling Your Emotions

39 Introduction To Self Managing

40 Emotion Awareness Exercise

41 How To Do Things You Dont Want To Do

42 Mood Management Techniques

43 Empathy Definition

44 Emotional Intelligence In Sales

45 Empathy Algorithm

46 EQ Test

47 Emotional Intelligence Welcome Video

48 Managing Anger

49 Dealing With Dejection

50 Dealing With Fear

51 Fear From Robert Solomon

52 Managing Enthusiasm

53 Love Emotion From Robert Solomon

54 Roots Of Compassion And Empathy

55 Ethics And Emotions Advanced Solomon

56 Emotions Are Rational To Help You Flourish

57 Emotional Experience

58 Resentment Solomon

59 Marshmellow Test

60 Inductive And Deductive Reasoning

61 Daily Logical Fallacies

Learner Feedback

Distinguishing The Types Of Intelligence


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