Trainer Name

Alex Genadinik

Skill Area

Leadership or Organisational Development


4.5 (160 Rating)

Course Requirements

Please be open to trying the ideas in the course and working on boosting your confidence

Course Description

Boost your confidence and self-esteem in just a few seconds and for the long-term. Then use confidence as a tool to achieve more and improve your life.
- Scientific research about confidence and performance
- Authoritative literature on confidence
- Law of attraction
- Positive affirmations to boost confidence
- Listening to your internal dialog and realigning it to boost your confidence
- Getting positive reinforcement from your relationships
- Conquering your fear of failure
- Be less susceptible to other people's criticism and stop being harsh on yourself and get yourself down
- Learn how the brain processes fear and anger, and how to not fall into mindset traps
- Dealing with stress
- Assertiveness training for how to use verbal and written assertive communication

Course Outcomes

You will be able to

1.Boost immediate, short-term confidence
2.Boost long-term confidence and self esteem
3.Structure relationships to boost your confidence
4.Structure your internal conversations to make you more confident
5.Learn to do affirmations
6.Conquer fear of failure

Course Curriculum

1 Assertiveness Definition

2 Boosting Confidence For Starting Exercise Answer

3 Hormones And Confidence Exercise Answer

4 Emotional Experience

5 Motivational Self Talk Research

6 Intelligent People Perform Poorly Under Pressure

7 Mindfulness Apps

8 Four Apps For Learning Fast OnTheGo

9 Note Taking Apps

10 How To Do To Do Lists Correctly

11 Assertiveness Section Introduction

12 Hormones And Confidence Exercise

13 AssertivenessIs Not An Option

14 Difficult To Decide When To Assert Yourself.mp4

15 Assertve Example For Working From Home

16 Creating Limiting Beliefs In Others

17 Example Of Assertively Saying No By Also Setting Limiting Beliefs

18 Assertive Communicatin Exercise

19 Assertive Communicatin Exercise Answer

20 Putting All Confidence Principles Together 2020

21 Four Keys To Achievement From Tony Robbins 2020

22 Circumbstances Affecting Confidence 2020

23 Affirmatons Tutorial 2020

24 Boosting Confidence With Physiology Higher Audio 2020_2_Nicer Shorter 2021 April

25 Listening To Internal Conversations_Shorter Nicer April 2021

26 Over coming Fear of Failure 2020

27 LOA

28 Brain And Fear Anger 2020

29 Confidence Niches And Topics 2020

30 Boosting Confidence With Practice 2020

31 Confidence Oscillation 2020

32 Malcolm Gladwell Example

33 Hope Vs Certainty Technique 2020

34 Confidence Welcome Video 2020

35 Affirmation Apps

36 Positive Relationships 2020

37 Four Happiness Hormones

38 Soccer Confidence Example 2020

39 Boxing Case Study 2020

40 Confidence Derailed By Negative Comments 2020

41 My Own Confidence Case Study 2020

42 Lowest Condeifence Case Study 2020

43 Visualization Exercises For Confidence 2020

44 Boosting Confidence For Starting Exercise

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Elevating Confidence For Greater Success


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