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Fakhrul & Roy

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CPR Can Prevent Brain Death

Between four and six minutes after the heart stops beating, brain death occurs. CPR helps keep blood flowing and provides oxygen to the brain and other important organs. It gives the victim a better chance of a full recovery.

We will share and teach you the basic Procedures and current Practice on CPR Techniques

Clear Understand the difference between CPR VS AED and how to operate it during first aid Situation.

CPR and AED Introductory classes give you the information and the skills you need to help adults and children during many emergency situations. This skill can help you deliver the care that someone needs while waiting for medical professionals to arrive.

Course Outcomes

After completing this course you can learn effective CPR and AED first aid skills which will be helpful at the time of need.

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1 First Aid Skills: CPR vs AED


Trainer Name

Fakhrul & Roy

4.7 Rating
23 Reviews
2007 Enrolment
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First Aid Skills: CPR vs AED


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