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Inna Tsoy

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Course Curriculum

1 The Pronunciation and Writing of Basic Consonants

2 Welcome to the Course!

3 Greeting

4 The Copula (Descriptive Form)

5 The Pronunciation and Writing of Simple Vowels

6 The Pronunciation and Writing of Y-vowels and the Compound Vowel

7 A Brief Overview of the History of the Korean Language

1 What Do You Do?

2 The Copula (Interrogative and Negative Forms)

3 Vocabulary

4 Assimilation

5 Main Korean Pronunciation Rules

6 The Pronunciation and Writing of W-vowels

7 The Pronunciation and Writing of Aspirated and Tensed Consonants

1 Who Is It? What Is It?

2 How Old Are You? Where Are You from?

3 Polite Styles in Korean. Declarative and Interrogative Formal Polite Sentences

4 Native Korean Numbers. Unit Nouns

5 Demonstrative Pronouns 이, 그, 저

6 Vocabulary

1 Whose Bag Is It?

2 Where Is Your House?

3 The Possessive Particle -의

4 Location Nouns

5 Comitative Particles -와/과, -하고, -랑 and the Particle -도 (Also)

6 Existence and Non-existence -이/가 있다/없다. The Location Particle -에

7 Vocabulary


Trainer Name

Inna Tsoy

4.7 Rating
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Korean for Beginners Part 1


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