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Course Description

This module introduces you to the basics of Outlook and how it will help you to gain a better understanding of operating Outlook.

Course Outcomes

1. Learners will be able to establish goals for email communication, calendaring, and managing contacts.

2. Learners will be able to create and customize email in Outlook.

3. Learners will be able to organize folders, incoming emails.

4. Learners will be able to organize contacts and create contact groups.

5. Learners will be able to create and assign tasks and to-do activities.

6. Learners will be able to set up appointments in the calendar.

Course Curriculum

1 What is Outlook

2 Setup Gmail accounts
Preview 1 Min

3 Add Outlook.com or Office365 account

1 Create an Email Signature

2 Retract or replace sent email
Preview 2 Min

3 Create and send email

4 Welcome to your Inbox
Preview 1 Min

1 Send an automatic reply

2 Ignore conversations

3 Clean up your inbox

4 Search filter email
Preview 1 Min

1 Set categories, flags, reminders, or colours
Preview 1 Min

2 Organise email using folders

3 How to setup rules
Preview 1 Min

1 Import contacts
Preview 1 Min

2 Export contacts
Preview 1 Min

3 Create tasks and to do lists

4 Create a contact group
Preview 1 Min

5 Add a contact

1 Welcome to your calendar
Preview 1 Min

2 Create appointment and meetings

3 Schedule an online meeting

4 Use calendar categories and reminders
Preview 1 Min

5 Share your Calendar
Preview 1 Min

6 Search for calendar items
Preview 2 Min

7 Add and import calendars
Preview 1 Min

8 Master Microsoft Outlook [Quiz]
Start 25 Min

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Master Microsoft Outlook


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