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Kent Lau

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Education, Skills Development or Languages


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Course Requirements

The participant must know Excel skills such as Pivot Table, SUMIF, COUNTIF, Excel Table, Slicer, DATE related functions.

Course Description

The is level 1 of fundamental level.

The course will guide the participant to master the most basic steps to start learning Power BI in just 60 minutes.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, the participant will learn how to:

  • How to create a basic dashboard using Power BI
  • Apply 3 basic DAX functions
  • Apply slicer, donut chart, column chart, card visual

Course Curriculum

1 Lesson 1 Get started in Power BI Desktop
12 Min

Download Power BI Desktop What is Power BI Desktop? What can it do for strategic HR? Download hr data What is the data about? Get Data Why? dashboard in Power BI vs Excel

2 Lesson 2 – Create your first HR metric
16 Min

The Power BI environment The Powerquery Editor environment Basic data cleaning How to create a visual – donut chart What is DAX DAX Types How to calculate headcount with COUNTA DAX function

3 Lesson 3 – Creating your 2nd Measure
8 Min

Matrix visual Total Salary – SUM measure Monthly salary Formatting CALCULATE

4 Lesson 4 – using CALCULATE smarter way
12 Min

Get Total salary for just HR dept Get Total salary for just HR and Account dept

5 Lesson 5 - Slicer
10 Min

How to add a slicer How to format a slicer How it affects the Table's visual Add multiple slicers

6 Lesson 6 – Conclusion and assessment
11 Min

Why revision 2nd set of HR data Assessment What’s next?

1. hrdata2020 Excel File
2. payroll (this is FAKE data)


Trainer Name

Kent Lau

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Microsoft Power BI for Strategic HR (Fundamental Level- L1)


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