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Alex Genadinik


Marketing and Innovation


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Course Requirements

Be excited and inspired to grow your business or personal brand using top social media strategies

Course Description

Effective and savvy social media marketing strategies to grow your business and even turn you into an influencer!

In this course you will learn in this advanced social media marketing course: 

- Advanced social media marketing used by growth hackers and professional marketers 

- How to grow traffic, customers, and ultimately make more money 

- How to get other people to retweet, like and re-share your content 

- How to use social media to boost your Google SEO 

- How to use hashtags and catchy headlines to increase virality of your messages 

I am a small business owner just like you! The strategies in this course work for start-ups and small businesses. So if you have a small business or a tech start-up, this social media marketing course is designed to make you a pro marketer, and empower you to get many new customers. 

To make sure that everyone is able to follow along, the course starts by covering beginner social media marketing topics and goes over the fundamentals. Once everyone is up to speed, we get into more complex social media marketing strategies that help your business truly grow.


The first part of the course focuses on social media marketing basics and fundamentals. But that section if brief. 


The next part of the course focuses on popular social media marketing strategies like Facebook marketing strategy, Twitter marketing strategy, YouTube marketing strategy, Quora marketing, and how to do social media marketing on a few other social networks. This list could be endless because there are so many social networks, so I stop there since you probably already understand the right strategies on such sites by that point. 


The next part of the course covers more insightful social media marketing strategies like how to amplify your social media marketing by leveraging search (SEO) inside the social networks, how to use photos, make things more entertaining, and similar strategies that enhance your social media marketing efforts. 

Course Outcomes

1. Learn intermediate and advanced social media marketing strategies
2. Create an effective social media marketing strategy
3. Many ways to promote your business using social media marketing
4. Promote your business on Facebook
5. Promote your business on Twitter
6. Promote your business on Quora
7. Promote your business on YouTube
8. Combine SEO and social media for double the effect
9. Learn about the power of building your own large social media marketing channels
10. Get personal help from the instructor if you have specific questions
11. Learn how to increase social sharing of your product
12. Save money because you won't have to hire marketing consultants or agencies
13. Learn how to brand yourself using social media

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction To Hashtags

2 Social Media Automation Tools

3 Introduction To Social Media For Affiliate

4 Revive 3

5 Creating An Affiliate Program For Your Business

6 Email Signature Promotion

7 Email Signature Promotion

8 How I Do Social Media For My Projects

9 Twitter Chat

10 Creating Your Brands Hashtag

11 Ideal Number Of Hashtags On Twitter

12 Twitter Hashtag Algorithm

13 Inside Of My Social Oomph

14 Link Tree

15 Quotables

16 Creating Awards For Virality And Resharing

17 Pinned Tweets

18 Cross-pollinating Social Networks

19 Ideal Tweet Length

20 How to structure your tweets for optimal engagement

21 Headline Exercise

22 How To Write Engaging Headlines

23 Tweet Formula

24 Twitter On Day 1

25 Social Media Calendar Preplanning

26 Social Media Calendar

27 Faster Way To Create Blog Posts

28 Content Repurposing Strategy

29 Video Outsourcing And Streamlinging

30 Creating Or Out-souring Images

31 Scheduling Posts And Automating

32 How Long Social Postings Take To Make

33 Social Media Posting Strategies

34 How To EaseInto Hiring Freelancers

35 Adding Themes To Your Calendar Days

36 Social Media Calendar

37 Professional Twitter Branding

38 Social Media Goals For Calendar Course

39 How To Get The Social Media Marketing Calendar

40 Section Introduction Social Media Marketing Calendar

41 How To Create Infographic

42 Signing Up For Canva

43 Ads Overview

44 Evergreen And News Topics

45 Show Monetization

46 Show Goals And Benefits

47 Show Introduction

48 Personal Page Privacy

49 How To Start Finding Funny Memes

50 Meme Section Introduction

51 Virality And Ads

52 Viral Coefficient Calculator

53 Tactics That Boost Virality

54 Introducing Viral Coefficient Formula

55 Facebook Shops For Upload

56 Setting The About Section Of Facebook Page

57 Facebook Profile Image

58 Setting Up A Facebook Business Page

59 Facebook Page Section Introduction

60 How To Create Image Memes

61 Facebook Marketing From Personal Profile

62 Like Vs Share

63 Selling From Facebook Pinned Posts

64 Where To Get Unlimited Free Images

65 Using Colored Backgroun Posts

66 Facebook Groups Vs Pages

67 How I sell on Facebook in an effective and legitimate way

68 Facebook News Feed Algorithm

69 Facebook Marketing Section Introduction

70 Social Media Exercise

71 What To Do On YouTube DayOne

72 Twitter Section Introduction

73 Strategy For Recommendation Algo On YouTube

74 Introducing YouTube Recommendation Algorithm

75 Overview Of My YouTube Channel New

76 YouTube SEO How to rank videos in YouTube

77 YouTube SEO How to rank videos in YouTube


79 YouTube On Page SEO New

80 YouTube SEO Keyword Research

81 YouTube SEO Introduction

82 Professional YouTube Marketing For One Video

83 Advanced Social Media Welcome

84 YouTube Section Intro

85 Facebook Is The New LinkedIn

86 Forums

87 New Quora Marketing

88 Facebook Page Boosting Engagement With Comments

89 How To Set Up A Professional Facebook Page

90 How To Run A Live Show

91 Going Facebook Live On Mobile

92 Live Show Section Introduction

93 Creating Your Own Gifs For Virality

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