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Alex Genadinik

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Education, Skills Development or Languages


4.5 (110 Rating)

Course Requirements

I hope you are excited to try the ideas in this course

This course is great if you have days where you feel like you didn't do enough to move your life forward. We'll fix that for you!

Course Description

This course approaches time management from 3 unique angles:

- Time management in a single day

- Time management in a week

- Time management in your life to make sure that the tasks you work on are the right ones for your overall life direction, because if you are working on the wrong tasks, then all that time is mismanaged and wasted

Try this course and its unique approach which ends at you looking at the bigger picture of your life. This course is meant to not only help you manage your time but also to help you set all your work to help you achieve what you are meant to work on and achieve.

Time management is an invaluable skill for any professional or entrepreneur. Master time management now and benefit from being more organized, focusing on the right tasks, and getting more done for the rest of your career.

Course Outcomes

1. Time-tested and proven time management techniques for 2022
2. Become better at scheduling
3. Take unimportant things OUT of your schedule
4. Follow your schedule better, and get more important tasks done, moving your life and projects decidedly forward
5. Get better at choosing the important things to pursue in life and work
6. Become more efficient with your business/work/school

Course Curriculum

1 Exercises To Begging Uncovering Path To Life Purpose

2 Four Happiness Hormones

3 Story From Distoevsky

4 Role Of Education And Falling Into Save Habits Nicer Shorter May 2021.mp4

5 Introduction To Mindfulness

6 Mindfulness Vs Distractions

7 Mindfulness Vs Distractions

8 Starting To Practice Mind fulness Today Nicer Shorter May 2021.mp4

9 Blaming Externally

10 Two Mind fulness Exercises May 2021 Nicer.mp4

11 Life Purpose Challenge.mp4

12 My Purpose Case Study.mp4

13 Sleep And Productivity.mp4

14 Sleep Research From 2019

15 Productivity App Section Introduction

16 Exercise.mp4

17 How To Do To Do Lists Correctly

18 Four Apps For Learning Fast OnTheGo.mp4

19 Pomodoro App And Chrome Plugin

20 Two Site Blocking Applications

21 Two Time And Task Tracking Apps.mp4

22 Social Media Automation.mp4

23 Time Management Matrix Dr Covey 7 Habits

24 Focusing On Right Projects And Opening Up Time

25 Life Things To Automate And Outsource

26 Stress Journal And Four As Of Stress Relief

27 Scheduling Creative Space Time

28 Calendaring Regular Tasks For Habit And Motivation

29 Scheduling Exercise

30 Scheduling Exercise Answer

31 Eliminating Interruptions

32 Saying No For Freeing Up Time

33 Research On Decluttering

34 Time Management Welcome Video

35 Further Prioritization Beyond Decision Matrix

36 Business Prioritization Exercise

37 Procrastination On Purpose Exercise

38 Business Prioritization Exercise Answer.mp4

39 Procrastination On Purpose Exercise Answer.mp4

40 Time Management Goals Introduction.mp4

41 Geneology Of Life Purpose

42 Companies Creating Our Purpose

43 Introduction To Life Purpose Nicer Shorter May 2021.mp4

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Time Management


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