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Alex Genadinik


Marketing and Innovation


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Course Requirements

Please be open to applying some of the ideas in this course
please speak English because there are no subtitles or translations for the course

Course Description

Learn the difference between inside sales and outside sales. Inside sales is when your sales staff works from their home or your office and primarily does cold emailing, cold calling, and various online lead generation strategies. Outside sales is when your sales staff actually go to client offices and do sales there.
Learn the differences between luring clients in by having them find your business with inbound sales vs. outbound sales where your sales team has to reach out to potential clients.

Course Outcomes

1.Make B2B sales
2.Do successful cold calling
3.Business leads from multiple tools
4.Generate an income selling to businesses
5.Create a sales system that will help them increase their sales and lead vetting process

Course Curriculum

1 B2B Sales Video Welcome

2 B2B Marketing Overview March 2021 Nicer

3 D7 Intro With Disclaimer

4 D7 Tool Introduction

5 Using The D7 Tool To Find Leads

6 How To Come Across Professionally When Reaching Out To Clients

7 Cold Pitching To Not Be A Spammer

8 Email Template For B2B

9 Email Follow Up

10 Businesses Impacted By Covid

11 Email Or Text Or Phone Call

12 Long Term Treatment Of Leads

13 LinkedIn Messaging Automation Tools

14 Business Proposal For A Small Business

15 Connection Message Template

16 LinkedIn Welcome Message Template

17 Other Perspective Of Cold Pitches

18 Find That Lead Chrome Plugin For LinkedIn

19 Looking For Jobs Through Hashtags On Social Media

20 Section Introduction On Business Proposals For B2b Sales

21 Choosing A Business Proposal Template

22 Opening Slide Of A Business Proposal

23 Business Proposal Table Of Contents

24 Executive Summary For A Business Proposal

25 Editing The Business Proposal With Emotional Intelligence

26 Putting A Lot Of Text On A Proposal Presentation Page

27 Solution Outline Section Of A Business Proposal

28 8 Researching Executives For Business Proposal Writing

29 9-Solution Part Of The Business Proposal

30 Third Fourth And Next Emails In Autoresponder

31 10-Team Of Business Proposal

32 11-Pricing Slide Of A Business Proposal

33 12-Contct Slide Of Busness Proposal

34 LinkedIn Images

35 LinkedIn As Resume Introduction

36 Your Website Listing On Your Profile

37 Changing Your LinkedIn By line

38 Filling Out Your LinkedIn About Section

39 LinkedIn Skills Endorsements And Recommendations

40 Way To Ask For Recommendations

41 LinkedIn Experience And Other Sections

42 Five Hundred Connections

43 Citation Through LinkedIn Company Page

44 Your LinkedIn Feed And Updates

45 Workflow Email Vs Autoresponder

46 My Copywriting Approach

47 Setting Up An Autoresponder In MailChimp

48 Auto responder First Email

49 Autoresponder Section Introduction 2020Dec

50 2-Creating List And Email Forms In Mailchimp

51 3-Technically Setting Up The Autoresponder

52 Second Autoresponder Email

53 Helium 10 Autoresponder Last

54 Facebook Cold Outreach

55 Twitter Lists For LEad Nurturing

56 Buying Email Lists From Fiverr

57 Empathy Definition

58 Emotional Intelligence In Sales

59 1-Section Introduction For Lead Vetting

60 2-Starting With Google Docs

61 3-Project For Forms Course

62 3-Project For Forms Course

63 4-Planning Our Form

64 5-Creating The Form From A Template

65 6-Embedding The Form On Your Site Final

66 7-Getting Responses In forms

67 Intro To Facebook Ads Layered Tactics

68 1-Facebook Ads Section Introduction Why Examples Are Different

69 2-Two Factor Authentication With Facebook Ads

70 4-Facebook BM Introduction

71 Adding A Business Page 2020

72 1-CreatingYourFBAdAccount2020

73 2-Facebook Ad Strategies 2020

74 Adding A Business Page To Business Manager July Yes Letterbox

75 How To Add Ad Accounts In FBBM

76 Beginning To Work On Business Page In FBBM

77 Page Banner Size

78 Facebook Profile Image

79 Where To Get Visuals To Use In Contests

80 How To Set Up Your Facebook Page Screen Name

81 Facebook Ads Campaign Vs Ad Set Vs Ads

82 Organizing My Music Ads

83 Organizing My Music Ads

84 2-How To Choose The Right Campaign Type

85 3-Creating A Facebook Product Catalog In Shopify

86 4-Publishing The Shop On Your Facebook Page

87 5-Setting Up Conversion Events And Pixel

88 6-Overview Of Campaign With Multiple Ad Sets

89 7-Narrowing Your Facebook Ad Audience

90 8-Facebook Ad Budgets

91 Hand Picking Custom Audience

92 Setting Up Google Ads

93 Explaining Ad Campaigns Sets Ads

94 Entering Google Ads Expert Mode

95 Introduction To Google Ads Bidding Options

96 Setting Up Google Pixel

97 Creating A Retargeting Campaign

98 Connecting Google Ads And Analytics

99 Phone Script For Cold Calling

100 B2B Sales Video Sept 2020

101 Connection Message Template

102 Creating A Company Page In LinkedIn

103 Email Marketing Introduction Nicer Shorter April 2021

104 Follow Up Emails After A Good Meeting

105 Handling Sales Objections

106 How I Handle Sales Objections Example

107 LinkedIn Messaging Automation Tools

108 LinkedIn Welcome Message Template

109 Overview Of Potential Marketing Strategies For B2B_nicepresentation_shorter_2

110 Product Pages On LinkedIn

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