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Alex Genadinik


Marketing and Innovation


4.5 (82 Rating)

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Course Description

Professional business card marketing and business networking to sell products and build great business relationships!
Learn how to pitch your business in different situations. Intrigue people with your elevator pitch and make people interested in you and your business. Also, learn how to have great conversations and exchanges with everyone you meet when you are doing your business networking.
You will also learn basic business card copywriting so you can create your cards in a way that drives more sales, and gets people to engage with your business cards, follow up with you, and want to have more long-term business relationships with you.
Go ahead, sign up for this course, and let's get you to have a much more professional and effective approach to your business card marketing that will result in more sales and more amazing business relationships which will bring you benefits for years to come.

Course Outcomes

You will be able to:

1.Promote your business using business cards
2.Be better at business networking
3.Learn to set up your LinkedIn profile in case people research you after exchanging business cards
4.Have more successful conversations when doing business networking and business card marketing
5.Create effective business cards
6.Generate strong business leads and boost referrals and recommendations

Course Curriculum

1 How to make people WANT to take your card and be fascinated with you

2 Outdoor card dispenser holder

3 Practical example how to choose from 5,000 ready made templates

4 LinkedIn As Resume Introduction

5 LinkedIn Images

6 Your Website Listing On Your Profile

7 Changing Your LinkedIn By line

8 Filling Out Your LinkedIn About Section

9 LinkedIn Skills Endorsements And Recommendations

10 Way To Ask For Recommendations

11 LinkedIn Experience And Other Sections

12 Five Hundred Connections

13 Citation Through LinkedIn Company Page

14 LinkedIn Groups

15 Your LinkedIn Feed And Updates

16 Business Card Welcome

17 Business Card Marketing And Body Language

18 Thirty Second Pitch

19 AIDA 2019

20 Card Basics

21 Photo

22 Vista

23 Cardholer

24 Link Tree Full

25 Wearing Your Own Merchandise

26 Practical example how to choose from 4,000 ready made templates

27 Practical example get your business card professionally designed for just 5

28 Door To Door Marketing

29 Business Card Marketing

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Business Card Marketing


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