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Joey Zanca


Marketing and Innovation


4 (3 Rating)

Course Requirements

Marketing Experience

Course Description

Learn the most effective and cutting-edge psychological techniques that convince people to TRY, BUY, and KEEP BUYING your products!
Write a cold email that gets TONS of responses
Optimize your pricing to MAXIMIZE revenue
Dramatically improve your website and landing page performance
Trigger IMMEDIATE responses from customers
Build habit-forming product marketing
Maximize advertising effectiveness on LinkedIn and elsewhere
Change ANYONE'S mind
Influence & persuade
Create a sense of urgency that compels people to act NOW
Adjust consumer behavior
Make your marketing content go VIRAL!
Get commitment
Address objections that hold people back from buying
Make your brand more likable
Optimize your customer journey
Get influencers to endorse your product
Generate word-of-mouth
Optimize your marketing surveys to get higher responses!

Course Outcomes

1.Product Marketing Psychology
2.Consumer Psychology
3.Consumer Behavior
4.Psychological Marketing
5.Behavior Marketing
7.Marketing Psychology

Course Curriculum

1 Discount Psychology Introduction

2 Marketing Psychology Course Sales Video

3 Group Confusion

4 Wishful Thinking

5 Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

6 Blindly Trusting Authority

7 Case Studies Vs Statistics

8 Udemy Case Study Example

9 Inductive And Deductive Reasoning

10 Logical Fallacies Section Introduction

11 Stating The Price First In A Negotiation

12 Good Cop Bad Cop

13 Introduction To Psychology Of Negotiation

14 Marketing Psychology Course Welcome Video

15 Pricing Labeling Introduction

16 Information Gap Theory In Marketing Psychology

17 Reciprocity Principle In Marketing Psychology

18 Scarcity

19 Pricing And Discounts Full Screen 2020

20 Featured On Recent

21 Testimonials

22 Awards

23 Social Proof Marketing Psychology

24 AIDA Nicer Shorter June 2021

25 Emotion Of Excitement In Marketing

26 Emotional Presence In Sales

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Psychology of Marketing


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