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BGR Foodservice Sdn Bhd

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Culinary, Hospitality and Tourism


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Course Requirements

Compliance training is open to everyone involved in the food industry, including employees, vendors, partners, suppliers, and any food consumer that want to explore more knowledge in food hygiene and sanitation. 

Course Description

The Introduction of Hygiene and Sanitation e-module is a specially designed awareness program for individuals involved in the food industry. It presents an interactive and enjoyable e-course that emphasizes the significance of proper food hygiene and sanitation practices, aligning with the Food Hygiene Regulations of 2009.

This module offers a comprehensive overview of the importance of sanitation and the purpose of food hygiene, covering topics such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It also addresses various types of hazards in food safety, including biological, physical, chemical hazards, and allergens. Additionally, the module provides detailed information on preventive measures to avoid cross-contamination, highlighting the significance of personal hygiene and temperature control to ensure food safety and prevent outbreaks of foodborne diseases.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this module, learners will be able to:

  • Identify the definition of hygiene and sanitation, the importance of sanitation and the good food hygiene. 
  • Identify the type of hazards, how to prevent contamination also the temperature controls.

Course Curriculum

1 Food Hygiene and Sanitation
30 Min

Hygiene and sanitation encompass practices that maintain cleanliness and prevent disease transmission. These also vital for public health, ensuring safe water and food. Good food hygiene includes regulations for cleanliness, safe storage, proper handling, and thorough cooking able to prevent foodborne illnesses outbreak. Food hazards include biological, physical, chemical, and allergens. From these hazards, preventive measure to avoid cross contamination by practicing good personal hygiene. Temperature control is crucial to inhibit bacterial growth and ensure food safety.


Trainer Name

BGR Foodservice Sdn Bhd

4.6 Rating
4 Reviews

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Introduction of Hygiene and Sanitation


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